Monday, 23 March 2015


Every 24th of March is the world's tuberculosis day.
The day to change the gear and speed up global effort to eradicate tuberculosis. It is also a day built for the awareness of the disease called tuberculosis. This deadly disease as we all know kills millions of people in the world,just in a year. Which shows that some people are still not aware of this disease and some are not getting proper treatment as well.
Awareness is a very vital tool when dealing with serious diseases like this so that is what this day is all about. So help create the awareness of the symptoms of TB which include;dry cough laced with blood, sick and lean body,tiredness and so on. You might be helping someone around you. Every life is important and no sort of assistance is too ''small''.
Remember, the health care has declared the TB treatment to be free. So visit any Government health center today for consultation, treatment and care.


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