Saturday, 18 April 2015


Just so you know, we all have our pains...our weakness. But we don't act like a brat about it and go around with them on our faces. Instead, we smile, try to be normal with all the world's craziness.

So when someone truat s you enough to share these pains with you, you do not go around  pinning them against one another. Life is messed up as it is for everyone to add to their pain.
 That's just unfair....

     Elle Sue
PS; sorry for the hiatus...

Friday, 27 March 2015


Is it just me or has the level at which people communicate these days been sabotaged by social media?
Just some hours ago, I was chatting with one of my long time friends and he was telling me how bored he is that over a year he has not met someone new. I actually laughed because my case is worse, I have not met someone new in two years. When I say ''met'',I am not talking about meeting on social platforms, I mean real life conversation like the old fashioned way.
I know that sounds funny, but 80% of my friends are on social media, we chat all day about most things and we are actually not chatting about ''all things''. Just the latest gossip and news. Social media has taken the fun out of everything real.

Do not get me wrong, Social media is Dope! It has given us so many opportunities to connect with wide range of audiences almost all at once like I am given a chance to share this with you guys. But the real fun is zapped out because of it.

Look at it from this angle, you meet someone on social media, you talk and chat. Discuss about almost everything for hours and what happens when you finally meet? There is absolutely nothing to talk about or worst, you find out the illusion you created in your head about the person is not actually what it is real life. Before you know it, you are bored!

As a matter of fact, some peeps do not even know how to create a conversation real life like they do on social platforms. If they can even start a conversation, they don't know how to keep up with it(me inclusive, lmao!)

I think something should be done about this. The bottom line is we can't stop tweeting, chatting, taking selfies, ''instagraming'' (oh hell nah!). But we can work on our relationship with people outside the online world, you know, outside the social media world.
What do you think guys? Drop your comments..

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Thursday, 26 March 2015


One of the member of the best selling pop band known as one direction (1D) has called it quit early this week. Following some cheating scandal that erupted after he was found photographed with a lady who was not his girlfriend. the 22 year old dropped out of the live concert and flew back home solo, saying he needed to take some rest due to emotional distress.
But now, the word is he has called it quit with the band and he wants to live a normal life. Millions of fans are not happy with this, as countless of tweets and statements has been made saying, ''quitting the band is not the solution, because he is already famous.''

I was really devastated when I heard this, because I love this band so much. They are so talented and they all look good together. Guys, what are your thoughts on this?
Will the band get over this and keep making more music or this is will cause a major split of one of the biggest boy-band in the history.

Monday, 23 March 2015


I am a woman of great integrity.
I have what it takes to make things right in the world.
I am stronger than I look.
I am tougher than I sound.
Yes, I have made mistakes
But who are you to judge?
Let he who is without fault be the first to cast the stone

Which is why I rise from my mistakes
I learn from my pasts
I strife to make things better for myself
and those around me

I have plans
I have got the ideas
That would blow your mind
and even your socks off
Only if you gimme the chance
And stop regarding me as a minority

I am a woman with a great mind
with an outstanding personality
a good character
and a cautioned tongue

Treat me as such
Do not disregard me
I am important.
                                        ~~BY ELLE SUE


Every 24th of March is the world's tuberculosis day.
The day to change the gear and speed up global effort to eradicate tuberculosis. It is also a day built for the awareness of the disease called tuberculosis. This deadly disease as we all know kills millions of people in the world,just in a year. Which shows that some people are still not aware of this disease and some are not getting proper treatment as well.
Awareness is a very vital tool when dealing with serious diseases like this so that is what this day is all about. So help create the awareness of the symptoms of TB which include;dry cough laced with blood, sick and lean body,tiredness and so on. You might be helping someone around you. Every life is important and no sort of assistance is too ''small''.
Remember, the health care has declared the TB treatment to be free. So visit any Government health center today for consultation, treatment and care.


Sunday, 22 March 2015


Who loves animated movies? Well, I do!
 After watching the behind the scene clip on E! I am so looking forward to seeing this animated movie by Dreamworks, called HOME. Based on a children book called the ''the true meaning of Smekday'', the movie stars Jim Parson and Rihanna as the lead roles - Oh and Tip Tucci.

Home is about an alien race called the Boov who invade the earth the earth to hide from their enemy and make it their new home, they force them into the Desert Planet. A young girl called Tip manages to escape from being captured and she goes on a journey to find her mum, Lucy Tucci, played by Jennifer Lopez, accompanied by a friendly but banished Boov named Oh (Jim Parson).

The movie is set to be released on March 27,2015.

EMPIRE - New Favorite TV series.

Hey guys! TV series are one thing people can't get enough of and lately, there are a lot of them to catch up on. But one of the TV series caught my attention which is EMPIRE.

Set in the world of hip hop music, with the family members fighting over the control of the entertainment Company, Empire. The first season wrapped up few days ago,the FOX series is a smashing hit with millions of views and millions of tweets were made about the show's last episode which aired on March 18,2015.

I cut up with the first episode and guys, its really captivating and I can't wait to keep up with the rest of the episodes.
Starring Terrence Howard as the CEO of the company who is suffering from ALS and his haunting pasts as a drug dealer. Other Major Casts include: Taraji
P. Henson, Jussie Smollet ,Trai Byers, Bryshere Y.Grey.

The good news is it has been restored for a second season which fans are really excited about.