Saturday, 14 March 2015

GOALS-the key to everything!

There is this website i found a while ago, saying stuffs about writing and I got something really useful from it. I got a really nice piece of advice. Goals.
Yes, making goals for yourself is a very good  thing, especially when you want to figure out how you want to plan out your life. While some might see it as cliches or totally unnecessary,I see it as important and I am not talking about crappy resolutions that deep down you know it will not work out. I am talking about discovering what you want out of life and keeping your eyes on the prize.

What are your goals? Have you been working towards it?
To start with, write down all your short-term goals (i.e those quick things you want to work towards withing a short period of time.) and your long-term goals(the plans that are not in your ''nearest'' future).

Not just write, work towards them. Life is too short to live an uncoordinated life. Always try to be a better version of yourself,

Do this, and you are working towards a better future.

XO Elle Sue...
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