Monday, 23 March 2015


I am a woman of great integrity.
I have what it takes to make things right in the world.
I am stronger than I look.
I am tougher than I sound.
Yes, I have made mistakes
But who are you to judge?
Let he who is without fault be the first to cast the stone

Which is why I rise from my mistakes
I learn from my pasts
I strife to make things better for myself
and those around me

I have plans
I have got the ideas
That would blow your mind
and even your socks off
Only if you gimme the chance
And stop regarding me as a minority

I am a woman with a great mind
with an outstanding personality
a good character
and a cautioned tongue

Treat me as such
Do not disregard me
I am important.
                                        ~~BY ELLE SUE

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